Photo Exhibition

3-25 February 2023

Artist | Tim Russel

6060 Arts Space

Faces of Khlongtoey is the result of over seven years of photography in one of Bangkok’s most misunderstood districts, by UK photographer Tim Russell. 

Tim first visited the area in 2015 and, pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome he received and the ease of photographing the locals, he has since been back well over a hundred times and created a huge archive of photographs, his favourites of which make up the fifty or so images that form the Faces of Khlongtoey exhibition. 

Whilst many Bangkokians may view Khlongtoey as a no-go area, Tim’s portraits show a friendly, robust and vibrant community that shares the same hopes, dreams, and ambitions as the rest of the city’s residents, and the exhibition is a tribute to their spirit. 

Prints and books will be available at the exhibition, and all profits will be donated to Bangkok Community Help, a charity that provides support to Khlongtoey and other communities in the city.