3rd – 26th February 2023

at Via Luigi Mangiagalli 7, 20133 Milano, Italia

Tanya’s artistic work is accurate and detailed, nothing is left to chance, there is absolute precision in reproducing reality, each work is extremely perfect. Tanya’s works convey great sensations, in front of her entire artistic work one is amazed, each work has a great aesthetic value. Tanya’s art is a concentrate of beauty and elegance, the artist is very good at bringing out her great aesthetic sense and taste for beauty. Her works, although they represent real elements, are decidedly dreamlike, it seems to have been overwhelmed by the unconscious and to find ourselves inside a dream.

“Women colors persona” by TANYA TANSARINGKAN

The work “Women colors persona” is of great visual impact. A female figure stands out from the dark background, she is well represented and detailed, she encloses and covers her nudity, a gesture that gives the work great elegance. The viewer is captured by the face and eyes of the woman portrayed, she looks intensely outside the work as if to cause a slight embarrassment in the observer. Coloured elements that almost look like stamps are superimposed on the figure. The whole composition appears balanced and in harmony.

“The regents beauty” by TANYA TANSARINGKAN

With the work “The regents beauty”, Tanya allows us to take a journey into the dream. A dark background that represents the sky and space catapults us into a timeless and extremely silent dimension. Two female figures become the protagonists of the work, one is real and even if it appears ethereal and intangible, the other represents a classical sculpture and almost seems to be able to touch the stone it is made of. Two different beauties that have seen the passage of time and that in this work appear as eternal, blocking every clock.

“The urbanist” by TANYA TANSARINGKAN

The work “The urbanist” captures the attention in particular in the central part of the composition, where a human figure stands out decisively, of which we only see the arms and the legs, he supports a circular shape. The entire composition is articulated precisely around that circular element, which has “stolen” a piece of architecture and shows it to us in detail. As always Tanya brings surreal elements into play and allows us to get lost in fantasy. Perhaps the figure is precisely the urban planner who “owns and shapes” the architecture to his liking.

“The women power” by TANYA TANSARINGKAN

The work “The women power” is brilliant and bright, the colours that Tanya has chosen are elegant and stand out with harmony. A soft background gives space and enhances the two figures in the foreground, they are instead characterized by strong and intense colours. An almost fuchsia pink rhinoceros, although of enormous dimensions it appears extremely docile. The figure of the woman wearing an extremely elegant black evening dress is bewitching, her stern gaze emerges from the work and with great firmness keeps the rhino at bay.

“The opposite attraction” by TANYA TANSARINGKAN

The work “The opposite attraction” is characterized by a male figure, a perfectly realized chiaroscuro, the man seems to be real, he is almost tangible, he almost seems to breathe. Even if it seems to be in front of an extremely realistic work, in an instant the viewer is overwhelmed and transported into a dreamlike dimension, the goldfish floating on the man’s face make us lose control and contact with reality. Tanya has this great ability, which is to make us travel away from our reality to find something magical.


In conclusion, Tanya’s artistic work is a concentrate of emotions, the artist transmits all her great passion by creating perfect works, in fact the artist demonstrates her great artistic skills. The viewer is not only captured by the colours and real figures that Tanya represents, but is totally inundated with energy. The artist gives each of us the opportunity to have a unique experience, to get in touch with our unconscious and allows us for a moment to completely distance ourselves from reality to find ourselves in a distant dimension where memories and new feelings emerge .